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NED University Made Chinese Programme a Must for All New Students

As per a notice issued by the NED University and Technology’s (NED) Registrar all the first-year students enrolled in 2017 academic year and onwards are to learn the Chinese language obligatorily.

All the newly inducted students for the latest batch have been directed to register by December 15 for the “Chinese Language” course being offered.

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The course would be counted as a non-credit course, indicating that presently the university does not aim at producing fluent Chinese speakers but want the students to have some basic know-how of the language mechanics.

Ever since the launch of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects, the trend of learning Chinese languages has increased, significantly the Mandarin language.

The program offering by NED visions itself as becoming a pioneer in making Pakistan’s economic and social transformation. This aim reflects a much bigger belief that learning the Chinese languages could assist in unlocking a more brighter future as both the countries are enhancing their socio-economic ties.

This trend has also been seen at the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) situated in Islamabad, which is dedicated for the learning of languages.

NUML had a Chinese language department in the 1970s, but it got more interest and attention after the first batch was enrolled which consisted of thirteen students.

According to the NUML officials recent brief the enrolment count has doubled and is doubling on per year basis. This year only, four hundred and sixty students enrolled themselves for the Chinese programme: three hundred for the morning shift and one hundred and sixty for the evening shift.

For meeting this ever-rising demand the Chinese government considered expanding the Confucius Institute at NUML in the year 2015.

Zhang Daojian—A lecturer at the institute at that time informed Dawn that the expansion of this institute would help in strengthening the bond between Pakistan and China.

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