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NCOC Holds a Meeting to discuss the Coronavirus Situation

An important meeting took place at NCOC (National Command and Operation Center) on Sunday to discuss the current COVID-19 situation.

This second meeting of NCOC basically reviewed all the execution of Ramadan guidelines, health situation, data integration, and SME package.

Minister of Interior Brigadier (R) Ijaz Ahmed Shah told the National Command and Operation Center that the people living in the urban areas need to be educated continuously so that they follow the guideline strictly and not run their businesses as usual in Ramadan.

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He further added that in the villages, it is observed that the population is being guided properly, which is encouraging. According to the Interior Minister, the political leadership most importantly at Union Council and District level has great roles to educate each and every person regarding public safety and well being.

The provinces might be asked for the feedbacks on conformity by the people on the Ramadan guidelines tomorrow, said Asad Umer Federal Minister for Planning, Development, Reforms, and Special Initiatives.

The discussion of the meeting expanded upon the health situation and future course of action base possible projection.

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