NCC Bans Indoor Dining Across Pakistan

indoor dining

NCC has placed a ban on indoor dining across the nation. The National Coordination Committee (NCC) meeting was held to discuss COVID-19. The meeting was led by PM Khan yesterday for the strict adoptation of the precautions before the anticipated surge in the COVID-19 cases in December.

As per the shared reports, while briefing media persons about the decisions taken by the National Coordination Committee, Planning Minister Asad Omar and Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on National Health Dr Faisal Sultan said the government had decided to close indoor restaurants across Pakistan to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

“The rate at which the virus spread in growing, and there is no reason that it would not grow at the same rate unless we change our attitude and take precautions, within two weeks we’ll be in the same situation that we witnessed in June when Pakistan saw its first peak”, said Asad Omar.

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The Minister urged the public to take precautions, including mask-wearing, hand washing, and avoiding handshakes and physical contact. He recalled that in June, the situation had gotten so serious that people had trouble finding beds in hospitals. He said that the government does not want the situation to get to the point where the lives and incomes of people are threatened.

While explaining on close indoor restaurants the minister said, “This ban will not be valid for food stalls operating in open spaces.”

Asad Omar said that the NCC also validated decisions taken by the National Command and Operation Centre regarding the closure of schools. He said provincial governments have been asked to consult Ulema, requesting them to appeal to Namazis to observe Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in mosques so that prayer and protection of health can go side by side.

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