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Nazish Jahangir Reveals About her Struggle with Mental Health Issues

nazish jahangir

Nazish Jahangir is an upcoming actress. She has recently revealed her struggles with her mental health issues and about fighting with the suicidal thoughts.

She took it to Instagram on Tuesday and indicated that she has undergone suicidal thoughts in her life after she lost her mother and that sent shockwaves among her fans. Her fans immediately started showering her with blessings.

She wrote that she felt hopeless and was unable to talk. She further mentioned that she has fought for PTSD for 10 years and indicated that only she had the cure within. She said that she stood up for herself and her every breakdown served as a lesson to her and that she fought with the darkness and has left that all behind her.

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Nazish said that she prays for everyone to be strong enough to speak about their sufferings with depression and to talk about it and fight it similarly.

She further expressed that there are many times in life when one does not feel like opening up to anyone and do not even feel like listening to anyone, she indicated that this is the time when one has to talk their heart out and combat with the depression that is residing oneself and look for positivity in life.

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