NayaTel Offers Whopping 30mbps speed just for extra Rs399 per month

Nayatel now offers great speed of 30mbps for video streaming just for Rs399 per month extra on your current home package if you are a resident of Islamabad or Rawalpindi.

If you are a user, who always watch videos online using Youtube, Facebook or Netflix then this is an offer for you. By paying just Rs.399 per month extra on your current broadband package, you can have access to 30mbps unlimited downloads from the following websites including YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Google Hangout, Google Play and Google Drive.

The new offer is simply integrated to enhance the user experience in streaming videos, you will be able to get seamless experience while watching videos, if you are downloading Youtube video via IDM, you would be able to download long videos in minutes.

You can visit the Nayatel website to subscribe the offer here:

Government taxes may also apply other than the package price. Read faqs before buying the offer.

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