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Nawaz Sharif Started Social Service in Adiala Jail

Nawaz Sharif—the former Prime Minister is presently in Adiala jail serving his sentence. He has been convicted for hiding details regarding his assets. It seems that he has decided to start providing social service to his jail inmates.

As per the local media reports, Nawaz Sharif also conducted talks with the jail supervisors and authorities for carrying out the said activity.

Nawaz Sharif has the honour of being a three-time prime minister of the country, he has instructed his personal staff provided for his service in the jail to collect information of all such prisoners who could not afford to pay the number of imposed fines or charges by courts owing to their respective cases.

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Nawaz Sharif has promised to pay the imposed fines on their behalf for getting them relief from jail imprisonment. He also declared to install water facility for the prisoners inside the jail.

According to the authorities of Adiala Jail, a list is being drafted of the inmates who have not been released because they did not have enough amount to pay as fine.

Nawaz Sharif has been given an imprisonment of eleven years in total and has been imposed with rupees 1.3 billion fine, where as his daughter—Maryam Nawaz was given sentence for eight years with an amount of rupees three hundred and thirty-five million. It is pertinent to mention that Maryam’s husband Capt. (Retd.) Safdar is also serving his one-year sentence in the Adiala jail.

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