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Nawaz Sharif Complained Regarding the Lack of Facilities in Adiala Jail

The ex-Prime Minister—Nawaz Sharif on Saturday complained to his team of lawyers regarding the lack of facilities in the Adiala jail.

The lawyers’ team conducted a meeting with Nawaz Sharif at the prison that is holding the convicted prime minister. As per the reports of local media, the meeting lasted only for five minutes.

The meeting was conducted in the presence of the superintendent jail. The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader complained to the legal team about the lack of facilities in the room in which he is being kept.

Saad Hashmi—heading the legal team went to Nawaz Sharif for getting the power of attorney so that an appeal could be filed in the Islamabad High Court.

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The PML-N supremo stated that there was just a mattress and a fan in the room, he also complained that there was no air-conditioning and the provided washroom was also not clean.

In a letter published by the social media team of Maryam Nawaz—Nawaz Sharif’s daughter, she has declined better facilities at the Adiala Jail.

The ex-prime minister and his daughter were convicted in the Avenfield Apartments reference, were arrested on Friday night from the Lahore airport upon their arrival and were then transported to Islamabad in a chartered flight.

The father and daughter were then separated and taken from the Islamabad International Airport in two groups to the Central Jail in Adiala—Rawalpindi.

Last night the medical examination of the father-daughter duo was done, and both were declared fit.

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