Nawabshah Records Hottest April Temperature Ever Observed on Earth & People are Shocked

Nawabshah, a Pakistani city recorded the hottest April temperature ever observed on Earth  The temperature in Nawabshah on Monday went up to 122.4 degrees (50.2 Celsius). As per the news reports, this might just be the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth in the month of April.

Capital Weather Gang tweeted, “A city in Pakistan may have just endured the hottest April temperature ever observed on Earth.”

Nawabshah, a city of 1.1 million population is located 120 miles away from the Indian Ocean.

A meteorologist at Meteo France Etienne Kapikian posted the observation on Twitter that 122.4 degrees was the hottest April temperature ever recorded in Pakistan and Asia.

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An expert on global weather extremes Christopher Burt went a step ahead and claimed that it was most probably the highest temperature  “yet reliably observed on Earth in modern records.”

He said that in Santa Rosa, Mexico, in April 2001 the competing hottest April temperature of 123.8 degrees (51.0 Celsius) was recorded but it is “of dubious reliability.”

This can never be confirmed whether the highest temperature recorded in Nawabshah, is a world April record for hottest temperature or not as World Meteorological Organization do not conduct any official reviews of monthly temperatures.

Here is what people are saying about it:

Danyal Gillani tweeted, “On Monday, 30th April, temperature in Nawabshah soared to 122.4 degrees Fahrenheit (50.2 C), which may just be the highest temperature ever reliably measured on the planet during the month of April.”

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Some are just shocked

The word ‘Wow’ in this tweet can have an element of shock, surprise or sarcasm.

Washington Post tweeted

People asking for Allah’s mercy, shocked at the temperature recorded in Nawabshah

This tweet highlights how deforestation affects the temperature

A disturbing & shocking news

And for some it’s scary


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