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Naveed Raza Shares his COVID-19 Symptoms After Testing Positive

Naveed Raza

Naveed Raza has shared his COVID-19 symptoms after he tested positive. He appeared for promotions on the morning show Good Morning Pakistan. He came to promote Mera Dil Mera Dushman.

He explained that there must have been a carrier of the virus on the set.

Recently the celebrity star shared a video and told about his symptoms, to help his fellow colleagues to detect the disease earlier on.

He said that he felt dehydration, headache, and body cramps on the first day. On the second day, he felt weak and fever also became a part of the already present symptoms. Naveed Raza added that he did not feel throat ache or flu and that on the third day he got himself tested and thankfully he was not showing many symptoms.

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He also issued a warning to the industry fellows and asked them to be cautious before they resume their shooting activities.

He added from his personal experience that even if the SOPs are followed completely it would be tough to protect oneself if an infected person is around on the set.

Naveed Raza was of the opinion that before going on set everyone should discuss symptoms with each other and if there is even a slight doubt then the person should get themselves tested so that you do not infect others in case of being a carrier of the coronavirus.

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