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Naudero Girls College without a teaching staff for three years

Naudero Girls College

In 2014, Sindh Minister Nisar Ahmed Khuhro drove the inauguration of the Naudero Girls College in Larkana. After three years, there is still no teacher at this establishment.

Amid an unscheduled excursion to the said organize on Wednesday, Larkana District and Sessions Judge, Abdul Ghafoor Kalhoro, was given the way with the fact that Naudero College had a deficiency of teachers in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, English, Sindhi, Mathematics, Pakistan studies, and Zoology, as revealed by sources.

This was likewise affirmed by the students learning at the institution.

A General State of Disrepair for Naudero Girls College

The judge was likewise stunned to see the poor states of the computer and science labs with thick spider webs swinging from the furniture. He confronted a disappointed student body with respect to studies and school issues. He additionally paid heed to the unhygienic states of the school.

Upon request, Kalhoro gained from the head of the school, Ms. Shaheen Pathan, that no clerk, night gatekeeper, sanitary worker or gardener had been named.

The head of school additionally asserted that the school transport was persuasively given to the government boys college. The judge requested that the principal give prove which could be sent to those accountable for running the establishment.

The head of school, detailed of corruption in the directorate of education and area accounts office saying that its authorities were associated with bribery while discharging funds for school use. She included that pupils were not getting free course books too.

The young ladies at the foundation grumbled about the absence of power and water in washrooms and the cruel conduct of the principal. Accordingly, the principal enlightened the judge regarding the broken school transformer which was causing a power lack.

It is likewise vital to take note of that amid the judge’s visit just 40 out of 500 students were available. The head and a portion of the non-teaching staff were absent amid this visit, notwithstanding, they arrived at the school in a span of 30 minutes.

Judge Kalhoro requested that the principal send him all points of interest in writing with the goal that an answer could be conceived. He additionally asked for the headmistress to be delicate with the young ladies later on and guaranteed the students that no move will be made against them.

The judge has requested that the higher authorities take extreme action against the non-serious staff individuals and solve the issues at the establishment as quickly as time permits.

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News source Dawn