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NASA to Send Bees to Mars before Humans

It appears that humans would not be the first ones to explore the planet Mars, as NASA is planning to send robotic bees to the planet first and these bees are termed as the “Marsbees”.

Engineers are engaged in the making of these swarm robotic bees that could fly around over the Mars planet and could gather data and communicate via a mobile exploration base.

NASA built a team at the University of Alabama along with the team of scientists from Japan for the making of these micro-sized robotic bees.

As per the explanations provided by NASA, the Marsbees would be launched through a rover that would also serve as a transportation base and a recharging station. The bees developed would exactly look like normal bumblebees and would have wing structures like that of cicadas. With the support of their wings, the bees would be able to fly higher enough to move around and fly around the Martian atmosphere.

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NASA explained a few benefits of the bees which includes—they are light weighted and in turn would help the scientists to set up more robots for Mars for the collection of data. The Marsbees would be working in mini-swarms which means that it won’t be much of a loss if one of them gets destroyed. As per the reports of BGR, these bees could travel and cover a larger area and that too in less time while simultaneously carrying out various tasks.

Chang-kwon Kang of the University of Alabama said that while explaining about these bees that these Marsbees are equipped with sensors and wireless communication devices. The mobile base would be serving as the recharging station and the main communication hub. The swarm of bees would be increasing the mission of exploring Mars with three advantages including the facilitation of reconfigurable sensor networks, making of strong systems and sample or data collection via the use of a single or bunch of Marsbees.

As per the reports of Business Insider the Marsbees are still in their first phase of development and finally sending them on research missions would still require many years from becoming a reality.

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