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NASA introduces new spacesuit which has built-in toilet

During the space trip, NASA’s Astronauts may have an option of avoiding a visit to the toilet as the engineers at the space agency are working on a new spacesuit which has built-in toilet system.

The spacesuit will contain all the important and necessary functions to support life and also being designed to sustain the space crew in the unlikely event the spacecraft loses pressure.

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The built-in toilet system has not been a part of NASA spacesuit since the Apollo age, but according to the, such a system will likely have a lot in common with those suits used in the 1970s.

The Orion spacecraft will also be equipped with waste-disposal system, but the new spacesuit is being designed to help space astronauts survive in case of emergencies for up to six days in space, which means the new spacesuit will help astronauts to do things like eat, urinate and defecate without taking their spacesuit off, according to the report.

The waste-disposal system for the female is not fully developed yet, and some facets of it are proprietary, Johnson said.