NASA Finds Water Ice Below the Surface of Mars

water ice

NASA finds water ice below the surface of Mars.

For exploring the solar system beyond Earth, one important factor is the ability to locate water which could be used for drinking and for the creation of rocket fuel. For assisting in the hunt of water on neighbouring Mars, NASA has issued a treasure map of the potential ice locations on the red planet.

The researchers have formed the map of the Martian surface which indicated where water ice is thought to be present. on some spots, the ice is little as 2.5 centimetres below the surface making it easily accessible for the future visitors. The cool colours represent the ice closer to the surface while the warm colours are ice deeper down.

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As per a blog post in which the lead author of the paper—Sylvian Piqueux of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA said that they are continuing to gather the data on buried ice on Mars, making it zero on the best places for the astronauts to land.

Locating ice is significant for enabling the manned missions to the planet and could help in identifying the locations for the projects like SpaceX’s planned Mars base.

Water is heavy for transporting it to abroad rockets, so finding it on Mars would help the humans in surviving there. But, because the plane has such a thin atmosphere, most of the water present on the surface just evaporates.

Scientists concluded after getting the realization that looking below the Martian surface is the best hope of finding accessible water ice, and that there may even be liquid water beneath the polar ice caps. With this new map, the researchers have a blueprint for where to start planning missions and to eventually sending the astronauts to Mars.

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