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NADRA to Develop Software for Tracking All Foreigners


NADRA has got the plans of developing software for keeping track of all foreigners paying a visit to Pakistan. The step is being taken for security purposes, especially the foreigners visiting areas that are sensitive without taking approval of the intelligence agencies.

The software would enable the provincial governments to keep a track on all foreigners and their activities and have an updated record in case any undesired incident occurs.

The decision was taken in a high-level security meeting in the federal capital where different senior intelligence officers and federal government members took part.

In the meeting, it was discussed that a central databank of all incoming and outgoing foreigners is maintained. Also, the databank would have the arrival dates and the purpose of stay and visit of the foreigner in Pakistan. The databank would also have details about the places the foreigners would be paying a visit to.

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The development of this software is essentially needed as the Chinese officials working on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor—CPEC project as well as the chances of much more foreign investment and involvement in the country in near future.

Special protection unit has also been formed for the safeguard and protection of the Chinese officials working on CPEC. Each district police station is also asked to maintain the biometric record and personal information of the foreigners.

It is not clear that when this software would get in action but judging by the level of complexity and the critical locations it would be including, it could be said that it would take at least a year at least for this software to launch.

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