NADRA Recalled 7000 Misprinted SNICs – Research Snipers

NADRA Recalled 7000 Misprinted SNICs

NADRA is under public scrutiny after the residents found a printing error on their newly issued smart national identity cards.

From the initial investigation, it is learnt that NADRA has released seven thousand smart cards with printing identity tracking number in place of CNIC number.

One of the senior officials of NADRA said that the lot having all the misprinted cards was dispatched to the various NADRA centers throughout the country. They need to be collected back as some individuals have launched complain about the misprint. When the consignment was recollected and checked it was learnt that the whole lot of identity cards was carrying the mistake of the misprint.

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Taimoor Saeed Rathore, NADRA Director Lt. Col (Retd.) said that an extensive research inquiry would be done on this matter as this has not only cause great inconvenience to the citizens but would also cause a monetary loss of rupees one million to the authorities.

Two director ranked officers among five officials were named by the inquiry officer for their careless and non-serious attitude that led to this mishap of misprint and is the cause of humiliation for the entire organization.

Keeping in mind the initial findings of the investigation the chairperson of NADRA has asked the NADRA Operations DG Brig (Retd.) Nasar Ahmed Mir to conduct a detailed inquiry into the quality control staff for their careless behavior which shows non-compliance to the organization’s standard procedures and routine protocols of the department.

The accused individuals say in their defense that this was no human error and the problem happened during the time when new machines were being tested.

In 2012 NADRA launched these smart national identity cards (SNICs) saying that these cards would be having thirty security features and could be used as biometric identification. It could also function as insurance and ATM card. The card was supposed to be used also as an alternative to the passport for identity purposes at foreign airports.

It has been six years since their launch but till date, they only function like standard ID cards except for the chip they have.

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