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NADRA Rebuttals WikiLeaks Claim To Steal Database


NADRA has responded to claim made by NSA in WikiLeaks report and said nothing was stolen from NADRA database, its safe and secure

Few days back, U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) claimed that they have stolen voters data from Pakistan’s National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA).

According to the report leaked by WikiLeaks, U.S. and UK stole Pakistan’s database in 2009. They found the cable in 2009 and claimed that PM Yousaf Raza Gilani and interior minister Rehman Malik offered them to share database.

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NADRA has out rightly rejected the claim and said, NADRA has strong security mechanisms in place, the organizations does not allow anyone to access, share its database, we neither have outsourcing of any elements in our entire system where data breach can occur. NADRA also claims that it is pursuing international business which can be affected with these false accusations and only benefit its competitors, it can never compromise its authority at the expense of national security.

WikiLeaks Tweet

In a Tweet by WikiLeaks it is firmly believed that if the report from NSA is correct then there is no doubt that US and UK’s security Agency MI6 has stolen all the data of Pakistani voters.


Who Is Right?

No one can come to the conclusion with these accusations that cannot be investigated, If NADRA claims that the system is secure and nothing was compromised then NSA has to provide concrete evidence of theft they have done in the past but NSA would not ever claim that they have stolen anything from Pakistani Authority. NADRA also points out that all this is being done because NADRA has indulged itself in international business which is being sabotaged with false accusations. In both cases, NADRA now has to deploy fool proof security systems which cannot be accessed even by high echelons.

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