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NADRA: New System soon to be established in Pakistan distinguishing fake CNICs from the originals

Have you ever witnessed a Pakistani being deprived of his/her own identity? If so, this is going to be an old story. NADRA is developing a system where no Pakistani would lose his/her national identity on weak grounds.

Usman Mobin, Chairman National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) presented their new plan on preventing unnecessary blockage of CNICs. He was presenting the idea to the Senate Standing Committee on Interior and Narcotics Control.

This new implementation comes when previously Pakistan was encountering fake CNICs. Many Afghans entering Pakistan illegally later managed to get fake CNICs. This often creates a problem for those who stand correct as a Pakistani.

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Senator Dr. Jehanzeb Jamaldnin was also part of the meeting. He disclosed that around 56% of the Baloch population are still not registered as Pakistanis. This would create a big problem in the ongoing census in Pakistan.

Senator Rehman Malik was also seated at the meeting and said that the registering of fake Pakistanis and leaving the originals behind is creating issues everywhere. NADRA must find a solution to distinguish the real Pakistanis from those holding only fake documents.

Unfortunately, many MPAs and MNAs are also involved in such illegal activities. The participants of the meeting were of the opinion that strong accountability must be held against those abusing the law.

Further, NADRA Chairman notified that 375,000 CNICs have been blocked on suspicious grounds. The committee has requested the chairman to provide the list of the blocked CNICs. This list must be presented on a provincial basis.

The committee’s final verdict was to unblock CNICs of the real Pakistanis, establish the system to filter fake CNICs and help the government in finding spies and terrorists walking in the country.

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