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Nadra-Mastercard Agreement Reviving: Pakistani Citizens Likely To Receive Foreign Remittances Soon

As per the sources National Database and Registration Authority, NADRA will soon get back into an agreement with MasterCard that will allow the citizens to receive remittances from foreign countries via a 13-digit identification number on their CNICs.

Due to security reasons, interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan canceled a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the subject matter in January.

As per a Nadra official complete anonymity will be prioritized on this issue as no one in the process will have access to the national database of Pakistan.

So what will happen is this that an icon will be added to Nadra database for e-payments. This will enable a Mastercard holder living abroad to enter their card number, amount of money to send and CNIC number of the receiver.

The receiver will be able to collect their money from any Nadra e-sahulat center in Pakistan. They will have to show their CNIC for confirmation along with biometric verification. Just CNIC will not be used to confirm the identity of the individual, biometrics would be a must.

Nadra official said, “Whenever you visit the Prime Minister House or an important office or building, you are required to produce your CNIC. Does this compromise the security of the national database too? We hope our explanation will convince the interior minister, who is a man of integrity and an ardent supporter of innovative ideas to facilitate people.”

He also said that if the minister is convinced, the facility will be launched in next six months. Exchanging currency or visiting a bank branch for transferring money will minimize if this service is launched. CNICs will be used only to send and receive foreign money.

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Nadra official added, “This is significant because Pakistan is one of the top receivers of foreign remittances from abroad.  $11 billion remittances were sent to Pakistan in the previous year.  The service will also be available in Faysal Bank’s ATMs in future.

Chaudhry Nisar’s objection earlier on this agreement was this that it was signed “in the absence of a written permission from the government; neither were the stakeholders consulted nor sensitive security matters kept in view”. He believed that this agreement could compromise national database’s security as MasterCard will get access to Nadra’s database. As per Nadra official, this was wrongly perceived by Chaudhry Nisar.