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Nadra Issues CNIC to a Chinese citizen

A picture has gone viral on social media. It is a CNIC issued to a Chinese man named Feng Lin Cui. Nadra has issued CNIC to a Chinese individual and the picture of the CNIC is all over the internet. As per his CNIC, his Country of Stay is in China, Mainland.

The reason for the CNIC getting viral is that people are confused whether Feng Lin Cui is given CNIC because he is a Pakistani citizen or because of CPEC. Well no, on social media there is no confusion, people are sure that the guy is issued Pakistan CNIC because of CPEC.

CPEC is a mega-development project between China and Pakistan. It has opened employment opportunities for thousands of Chinese who have crossed borders and are now working in Pakistan.

Zhang a property, electrical appliances, and household goods worker in China said, “A lot of industries are already saturated in China. Pakistan’s development is behind China, so it will hold better opportunities compared to home.”

Now till now things make sense. Chinese are coming to Pakistan to work but is it fair to issue them CNICs? Is acquiring a CNIC in Pakistan so easy? Should Nadra add another clause that those foreigners who are part of CPEC can now be given CNICs? These are the questions asked on social media.


It is pertinent to mention here that as per Interior Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, Feng Lin Cui was given the national identity of Pakistan much before CPEC as his parents are Pakistan citizen since 1989.

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