Nadia Jamil to Make her Comeback on TV after Recovering from Cancer

Nadia Jamil

Recently, Pakistani Actress Nadia Jamil revealed that she is going to make her comeback on the TV screen soon after recovering from cancer. Earlier in April 2020, popular actor Nadia Jamil announced that she has been fighting cancer, and has since been strong on sharing updates of her recovery.

Back In August, the Damsa actor revealed that she is out of the danger zone, ensuing which, she shared her personal account on battling the ordeal and beating the disease.

Now, with a new year and new opportunities on the horizon, Jamil has revealed that she will be making her onscreen comeback, provided that her hair is growing back. She wrote; getting my hair back. She further wrote on Twitter, sharing images of her curls beautifying her head again. I guess I’ll need it to get back into acting on desi TV again. So shukar Alhamdulillah said the reports.

Moreover, Jamil recalled that even as she dons her acting shoes to step back into the monarchy of showbiz, she will forever remember the lessons cancer and being bald taught her. She said; I will never forget facing and overpowering the fear of being bald, of feeling beautiful with no hair. Bald Cancer Nado taught me how to be my own best friend. Alhamdulillah.

Previously in August, while speaking of the challenges she faced during her time in the hospital under treatment, Jamil shared that at one point she felt like giving up and even attempted suicide, but failed.

Nadia Jamil also wrote; I cried a lot when my hair was cut off. But I felt proud and saw myself as a strong woman when I first looked at myself with a bald head in the mirror, Voice of America quoted Jamil as saying. My journey with cancer has made me much stronger, added Nadia Jamil.

Nadia Jamil is known for her stance on a number of societal issues as well, fortifying her place at the front of issues like child labor, sexual harassment, child abuse as well as animal abuse. While talking about her harrowing ordeal, she also mentioned that she wants her experience to be one of hope to those struggling.

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