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Nadia Jamil Says She Cannot Endorse Fair & Lovely

Nadia Jamil

Nadia Jamil says that she respects Samina Pirzada but cannot endorse Fair Lovely.

Nadia Jamil recently came on the show Rewind with Samina Pirzada. It was only after the show was recorded that she learnt that the show was being sponsored by Fair & Lovely.

She took it to the social media platform—Facebook for making her approach towards the brand very clear.

She wrote that she wants to openly distance herself from the racist and disheartening brand Fair & Lovely. She added that she had no idea about the show sponsors until she recorded the show till until this moment.

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She also wrote about the colourism disseminated by the brand, letting her fans and followers know that she is not and would never agree to this matter.

She further added that she cannot and do not endorse the need for any woman to have a lighter skin tone for looking more attractive. She wrote that the dark skin tone is a woman’s beauty and that a woman should wear her skin colour with pride and love.

She lashed the brand and said that all women come in different shapes, colours, personas and sizes so stop defining the beauty standards. She added that all women are beautiful and that both body shaming and racism should not be endorsed.

She did mention that there is no disrespect from her towards Samina Pirzada who she adores immensely.

Nadia Jamil in past too has raised her voice on issues linked to child labour, sexual abuse and child trafficking.

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