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Mysterious Dead Sea Creature Sparked Fear of Bad Luck Among Locals

Philippine is under puzzlement as a giant hairy six-meter-long creature has floated ashore and people are referring to as something that brings bad luck.

A six-meter long (twenty feet) greyish-white hairy “globster” washed on the shores of the Oriental Mindoro in Philippines. People took it as the remains of a creature from the deepest part of the ocean that is destined to bring bad luck for the people.

Globster is a term that is used for describing an unrecognized organic mass that washes up on a beach.

The authorities are of the belief that the organic mass is just the remains of a decomposing whale’s body, the confused residents, however, consider it as a sign of something bad to come.

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Tam Maling—a local resident said that an earthquake is heading for Oriental Mindoro, the giant globster is an indication. He requested all to pray for them.

As per the reports of Independent, another area local Vincent Dela Pena Badillo also explained that many people were alarmed including him upon learning about the globster. It has been told that when creatures from the deepest parts of the ocean start appearing, this is a sign that something bad would happen.

At the moment, the mysterious “sea monster” is being considered either a sea cow or a whale. As per experts the hair covering the globsters body are the muscle fibres of a body in a very advanced stage of decomposition.

Samples have been gathered for further studies and the remains would be disposed of.

Vox Krusada—the Fishery Law Enforcement Officer informed that samples have been collected for further investigation. As per now, it could be said the creature is a whale, however, the exact species is not known. The tissue samples are sent for DNA analysis.

He further informed that the local government of Gloria would now bury the remains. The carcass smells disgusting. It smells like something from another planet. He said that he is fully aware of its awful smell as he was the one to collect the tissue samples. He added that the stench is still in his nose although he has even taken the bath, as per the reports of Daily Mail.

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