Mute Button For Teams Are Added In Windows 11 Insider

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft provides insiders in the Windows 11 dev channel with a new update to preview build 22494, which brings a dedicated button for (de)activating the microphone during “Teams calls” in addition to various bug fixes. The feature will be distributed in waves.

After installing the new Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22494 in the Dev Channel, first users get the option to mute or unmute their microphone during Teams sessions with audio or video transmissions within the taskbar. Since Microsoft talks about different apps, it can be assumed that it is also planned to use the mute button outside of Teams in the future, for example as an alternative to the existing functions in Zoom, Discord, and Teamspeak.

The Redmond company also clarifies, “We’re starting to roll out the feature to a subset of Windows Insiders who have Microsoft Teams installed for work or school, and we’ll be adding it gradually. This means that not everyone will see this immediately in their “Teams calls”.

We plan to integrate this into Microsoft Teams (Microsoft Teams for home users) chat later.” In addition to the changes and improvements listed below in the area of snap groups, default apps, and matching sorting/filtering options, other bug fixes emerge from Microsoft’s latest blog post. Among other things, these affect the taskbar, the file explorer, the search, and much more.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22494 – Changes and improvements

Mute and unmute your microphone during a Microsoft Teams call directly from your taskbar.

We’re trying out showing snap groups in ALT + TAB and Task View on some Windows Insiders, just like dragging and dropping open apps in the taskbar to see them there.

This is not yet available to all Insiders as we want to monitor the feedback and see how it is received before rolling it out to everyone.

When you search for file types or links under Settings > Apps > Default Apps, you will now see a dropdown menu with the options that include your current request without having to press Enter first. If needed, you can now access the installed apps settings page under Settings > Apps > Installed Apps directly from this URL: ms-settings:installed-apps.

The names of the sorting options under Settings > Apps > Installed Apps have been adjusted to make them clearer, and a new option for sorting from smallest to largest size has been added.