Must-Have Apps That Every Pakistani Needs in 2020

This is 2020! Calling it a game-changing year for technology, won’t be a wrong statement to make. We have seen so many new technology trends that already exist but this year will bring out the best and life-changing advancements in those trends that will change the way we work, live and socialize on a daily basis. For example, there has been a recent increase in the number of smartphones people have bought and used, thanks to an excellent effort put by our government to improve our telecommunication sector.

New applications come out every other day making all kinds of services accessible to the user within minutes without putting out any extra effort from the consumer’s side. Android and IOS have bought such great opportunities for both the application developer and the application user. All local application developers find Android and IOS such simple and open systems putting up all the required information in a simple, user-friendly application, is not a big deal anymore. On the other hand, the user of any application is given access to all the basic utilities and services at their fingertips. There are some great applications that run with the same aim as the overall objective of technology, make lives simple and better. These applications don’t stop developing rather they grow and upgrade with the new changes occurring in the overall telecommunication sector. This is only to make sure that the end-user is given all access to the product or service without any hassle. That’s the kind of love we consumers need, no? Now without waiting much, let’s look at these amazing applications that you must have in your phones if you are a Pakistani live here for good and want to make your life a blessing.

All the Apps you need to have in your smart-phone this year!

Careem/Uber: Gone are the days when you need to look for a rickshaw or wait for a bus to arrive to reach your destination on time. The wait was the biggest hassle but now, thanks to applications such as Uber and Careem, the driver and your ride arrive at your doorstep on time and make sure that you reach your destination as soon as possible. The apps for both uber and Careem are so simple and easy to use. You put in your destination and current address and the apps make sure that they send a reliable rider with the ride of your choice e.g. rickshaw, car or bike to your place. This means that you do not have to look out for a taxi on the roads or run to a nearby bus station to catch a bus on time. The best thing about these apps is that you can rate your rider accordingly and in case you had issues with the rider, you can file a complaint against him/her. All just done with a few clicks. If you haven’t installed these apps yet, do it right away and make your everyday traveling as easy as a pie.

Foodpanda: Who doesn’t love to eat and that too in the comfort of your own house? Foodpanda is one app that you must have if you are a foodie Pakistani. If I can explain this app in simple words, it would be Food heaven on your phone. Foodpanda is a smart-phone delivery app where you will find all your nearby restaurants with their detailed menu and prices, ready to deliver your hot favorite meals through a FoodPanda rider. All you are supposed to do is put up a location and select the restaurant and a meal of your choice. Once you book a meal, you are given the details of the rider and a timer that tells you when exactly your food will be delivered. The helpline service of this app is also great so if you get your food late, you can always write a complaint and they respond to you within minutes. Great isn’t it? Having your food without moving an inch is all we want on a hot summer day or a cold winter night. 

GharPar: Want a haircut but don’t want to leave the house? Craving a massage but can’t leave the kids alone? Your nails need a manicure but the nearest salon is also pretty far away? Isn’t this what women in Pakistan go through every day? If you are a woman you might be able to relate to the fact that even getting your eyebrows down becomes such a deal thanks to long distances and other family commitments. But hey, have you not heard about GharPar? If not then get the app on your phone right now because it’s everything you need right now. GharPar is a beauty service provider that sends its army of beauticians and artists to your home when you book an appointment with them. The app is so easy to use. Once you put down all your details, for example, your location and phone number, you are asked to choose a service you need. There are a variety of beauty services they provide. From waxing to threading to massages and makeup, there is every beauty service right here. So when you are done choosing a service with the date and time you need it for, you are assigned a service provider with her details on your number. If you are using the app for the first time, you are given a 15% discount on your overall bill. You are also asked to rate your beautician after the service has been provided. They have great customer service as well. Looking good isn’t a hard task anymore, thanks to GharPar. 

Pakistan Citizen Portal: Have you as a citizen of Pakistan, suffered from an incident, but have failed to reach out to the right government official to file a complaint? If yes, then here is what you must be doing right now. Install Pakistan Citizen Portal, right away! This app was listed among the top three best mobile government applications in 2019. It is everything you need to get in touch with a government official for a query or a problem you are facing while living in Pakistan. You will be required to know your NIC number or passport number with other details to create a login. There are sections given to every department that exists in Pakistan so that your complaint can reach out to the right department. You can also give feedback on the performance of the officer that you filed your complaint to. It is an amazing app that bridges a gap between a citizen and the officials. The details on the app are written in both English and Urdu so everyone can reach out to help irrespective of their backgrounds. This is what a good app is all about! That is what technology has done for us, such great apps exist in Pakistan right now and 2020 promises to only introduce us to more applications like these. Install these applications on your phone right now and make your life less complicated.

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