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Muslims will mark exact Qibla Direction Today

Muslims all over the world will be given an opportunity to mark the exact Qibla direction today at 14:18 PST. As per the Met officials, the sun will shine directly over the head of Khana-e-Kaba today which will allow the Muslims to determine their exact Qibla direction. Muslims residing in their residence all over the world can easily mark their Qibla direction.

For this purpose, individuals can fix a stick on the ground vertically and the shadow of the stick will indicate the exact Qibla direction at the time mentioned above.

Qibla is the direction that is faced by Muslims when they pray. The direction is fixed as the direction of Kabba. The reason all Muslims pray while facing Kabba indicates unity and solidarity. Qibla compass is used by Muslims to indicate the exact direction of Qibla while performing prayers, 5 times a day.

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It is pertinent to mention here that the  Pathway to Greet Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his Companions has been completed by the General Presidency for the Affairs of Two Holy Mosque. The pathway is covered in green carpets made by Saudi hands.