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Muslims And Jews React To New Belgium Slaughter Ban

In the wake of a balance between animal welfare and religious freedom Belgium took a decision in Walloon and Flemish regions to put a ban on slaughtering animals un-stunned starting from the New Year. The decision is receiving a frosty response by Muslims and Jews equally as the decision is against Muslims Halal and Jews Kosher rules of slaughtering animals.

According to Belgian Muslim Executive Body (EMB), “Belgium has disappointed everyone when it approved the ban”, said Mehmet Ustun head of EMB on Tuesday.

Shimon Lasker, a rabbi from Brussels, said that the ban is being seen as a restriction on religious freedom, adding: “Jewish people believe it’s becoming harder for them to live in Europe.”

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According to Islamic and Jewish rules the animal must be healthy and conscious before slaughtering which is impossible to achieve if the animals are stunned before the slaughter.

The ban was approved in Walloon parliament in May 2108 which was scheduled to come into force by September 1. Similar laws were also seen in Denmark, Switzerland, Greece and Poland.

Muslims and Jews collectively make a 6% of total Belgium population. The religious minorities in Belgium and other European countries believe that animal rights advocates and right-wing nationalists have prejudice in their heads in the guise of animal rights and protection, New York Times reported.