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Muslim Woman Denied French Citizenship Over Handshake

A Muslim woman from Algeria was denied citizenship after she refused to shake hands with a male official during the citizenship ceremony.

A French appeals court supported the ruling rejecting her the French citizenship. The decision stated that the woman did not completely abide by the rules of the French community, hence she was barred from being offered citizenship.

The government refused her naturalisation, saying she was “not assimilated” for denying the symbolic ritual.

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This is one of the reasons why a citizenship to the spouse of a national could be denied under the country’s civil code.

She had also appealed the verdict in the highest administrative court of France, which supported the government’s earlier taken ruling saying that the government has not used the law improperly.

The Algerian woman has been married since 2010 to a French man.

Quoting the Islamic teaching, the woman had denied shaking hands during a citizenship ceremony back in the year 2016. She referred to the verdict as an abuse of power against her. As per Islamic teachings, handshakes between unrelated men and women are not allowed.

Back in 2016, a Swiss regional authority gave a verdict that the two Muslim students at a Swiss school to shake hands with their female teacher or else they would be charged fine.

France also known as the French Republic is a semi-presidential republic, having its capital in Paris—which is also the nation’s largest city and the main cultural and commercial hub. France has long been the global centre for philosophy, art and science. It is globally considered as a great power in the world.

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