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Muslim Man Beaten to Death for “Slaughtering Cow” in India

A Muslim man suspected of killing a cow was beaten to death in central India by a mob, as per police reports on Sunday. This recent murder was done over the animal which is considered holy by Hindus.

Siraj Khan—a forty-five years old tailor by profession was attacked in the Satna district of Madhya Pradesh state on early Friday and he died at the spot, as informed by the local police official—Arvind Tiwari.

His friend—Shakeel Maqbool, who was also attacked as per the reports, was admitted to hospital with serious injuries.

As the details regarding the brutal attack came to light at the weekend, four hundred more policemen were positioned to the district late Saturday as investigations were extended, as reported by the Press Trust of India.

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Tiwari said that four people have been arrested and have been sent to the judicial custody. He further said that currently inquiries are being done to learn what provoked the attack.

He further informed that meat and a bull corpse was also found at the crime scene, but he did not provide any details as investigations are in process.

Hindus consider cows sacred and the slaughtering, processing or consumption of beef is banned in most of the Indian states.

Cow slaughter in Madhya Pradesh could result in seven years of jail sentence however many other parts of India gives a lifetime imprisonment for the violations.

Narendra Modi—the Indian Prime Minister ruling the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has assured to entirely ban cow slaughter in India.

Two prominent cases surfaced last year, one of a dairy farmer who was killed on a roadside for transporting cows and other of a Muslim teenager who was accused of carrying beef and was stabbed to death on a crowded train.

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