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Murree to Have a Food Street Soon

food street

The Parks and Horticulture Authority—PHA has got the plans of establishing a food street in Murree for attracting more tourists.

As per the chairman of PHA—Asif Mehmood, the entry and exit points of Murree and the parks would be beautified.

He added that the concerned authorities have been told to complete the Murre Food Street project within as little time as possible so that the tourists could enjoy their visit to the hill station with scrumptious meals in the food street.

The students of NCA would be also making contributions in adding to the cultural beauty of Murree.

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All the entry points from Abbottabad, Azad Kashmir, Galiyat and Rawalpindi would also be decorated, and cultural monuments would also be built.

The two major parks of Murree would be revamped by planting more flowers thus adding to their beauty, as informed by the chairman PHA.

On Sunday Pakistan Post announced to open its rest houses for general public. The decision was made for attarcting more tourists which in turn would increase the department’s revenue.

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