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Munnu: Through the eyes of Kashmir for the world


The merciless and bloodstained history of Kashmir needs no presentation in our piece of the world. In any case, the world everywhere stays heedless to the predicament of honest Kashmiris against India’s state-supported ruthlessness.

The narrative of Kashmir in this way, is vital to tell. It is against this background a realistic writer, Malik Sajad, has utilized his creative ability to recount the account of one of the world’s most picturesque yet savagery tormented inconvenient spots.  Malik’s graphical narrative as highly contrasting drawings, depict a profound individual and touching delineation of life in the Kashmir valley. Beginning with occasions he witnesses firsthand amid the 1990s, when Indian strengths turned the streets red with the blood of Kashmiris, he tells the story of the zone’s occupants in the most easiest method for them all – by means of provocative toons.

When he was only 13 years of age, Sajjad began drawing for daily papers and moved out of Kashmir to study art. Be that as it may, he says he has dependably felt a nearby partiality to writing also. He chose that making realistic books was simply the most ideal route for him to convey what needs be.

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Sajad’s first realistic novel “Munnu – A Boy From Kashmir” is his own account of experiencing childhood in Kashmir valley’s city of Srinagar. Against the scenery of conflicts, curfews and confinements, Indian armed force went on an undeniable animosity against the Kashmiri freedom warriors in the 1990s.

In the wake of spending 10 years abroad, he came back to his country and stated: “You grow up grappling with paranoia. And also cynicism a little, but a cynicism informed by reality.”

In spite of the landscape and the general population, there is a trouble encompassing the city. This is something that Sajjad needed to express to the more prominent world by means of his drawings.

Sajad says ,”I prefer when it rains here, as nature joins you in that sadness. When it is sunny, it becomes really unsettling”.

Art expression and inspiration for the graphic novel

Taking signs from German expressionist artist, Sajjad’s first novel and his drawings highlight a precise and jarred style. Rather than speaking to Kashmiris as people, Sajjad has selected to depict them through the eyes of Hanguls. Hunguls are neighborhood types of deer who are jeopardized by the armed force infringing into their domain. That thought plays up on the analogy of the seeker and the chased – like the instance of the Indian military chasing blameless Kashmiris down on the grounds that they call for liberation.

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Sajad trusts that the lives of all Kashmiris are reliant on the “unpredictable climate” of the area. The circumstance in Kashmir valley has been tense for as long as couple of months. Eight individuals were killed by the police a month ago while handfuls were martyred a couple of months before that after the Kashmiris protested over the passing of Burhan Wani, a rising freedom fighter.

A breath taking narrative from the eyes of a Kashmiri

Be that as it may, he needed to recount the narrative of Kashmiris on a more individual and human level, past the political competition amongst Pakistan and India.

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The book was distributed in 2015 in the UK. It took six more months before it was accessible in India. As per him, his distributor revealed that the issuing authorities were ease back to give an ISBN number to the book.

Regardless of the disputable subject, the book has gotten a positive reaction. Sajad is frequently welcomed to colleges to talk about his encounters as an artist and as a Kashmiri.

Sajad says “Unfortunately, in this part of the world human life is not important. It’s not just in Kashmir, it’s everywhere, people die like flies”.

As he would see it “Human lives do not have any value in South Asia”. A thought that is shared by a significant number of his kindred comrades in the district and past. Sajjad trusts that his work will help in understanding the Kashmir strife at its most essential yet critical level, without depending on political talk and showing off.

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