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Multan Metro Bus: Feeder system is ready to start operations

Yesterday: Batch of 11 feeder route buses to add in Multan’s Metro Bus System was received. COO of Veda Transit Solutions, Abdur Rehman informed that the remaining will join the fleet after Eid as these buses are waiting to be shifted from Karachi to Multan when depot facilities will be completed.

Punjab government’s plan to improve and upgrade the transport infrastructure is underway and provides much relief to public. The Punjab Masstransit Authority (PMA) is considering to start feeder routes in conjunction with Multan Metro Bus System. PMA is working on starting Integrated Transport System operations in Multan soon.

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The first phase of the project according to the details, will add 11 feeder routes adjacent to Multan Metrobus System. Initially 100 fully air conditioned buses will be used on 11 routes to accommodate 75000 passengers daily. The feeder routes will have a separate fare but these routes will have physical and operational integration with Multan Metro Bus.

Team of engineers has arrived Multan with buses for providing technical support and knowledge in terms of driver’s training instructions and maintenance related issues, which has been completed already. Authorities have confirmed that feeder routes will be able to start from next month, said Mr. Rehman. Veda Transit Solutions is the official operator/contractor of feeder routes.

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The project had some delays though; it would have been started on this Eid where people could use the transport at much needed time. But hopefully travelers will be able to use the feeder routes before 14th of August.