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Multan Bans the Usage of Plastic bags in all Stores and Shopping Malls


Multan has banned the use, sale, and purchase of polythene bags in all shopping malls and stores, notified by the District’s environment department.

As per the reports of SAMAA TV, all the stores and malls have been instructed to execute the orders strictly and also to come up with an alternative to replace plastic bags.

According to Dr. Zafar Deputy Director in the Environment Department, LHC (Lahore High Court) ordered to impose a ban on plastic bags. So, if anyone will violate the order, he/she will be strictly punished.

 The residents in Multan have appreciated this order. They also promised that they will do their best in keeping the city clean.

But according to a manufacturer of plastic bags, the ban is unjust and it will result in the unemployment of hundreds and millions of people.

He says that the decision should be revised with some additions including the interest of the factory and shop owners.

Last year on 14th August, the plastic bags were banned in Islamabad as well under the PM Khan’s Clean Green Pakistan Campaign after which it became illegal to use, sell and manufacture polythene bags in the city.

 Now, if anyone produces plastic bags will be fined with Rs.500, 000. The sellers will be fined up to Rs.50, 000 and those using plastic bags will be charged with Rs.5000 fine.

In the same way, Balochistan and Sindh also imposed a ban on the use of plastic bags.

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