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Muhammad Amir Predicts Pakistan vs. India Match’s Outcome

Muhammad Amir

Muhammad Amir predicts the outcome of the match that is to be played between Pakistan and India on Sunday.

The hype around the match between Pakistan and India had always been high and so is true for this time.

Recently advertisements were shared by both sides exchanging words and predicting the results of the match that is scheduled to be played on the 16th of June, which happens to be the Father’s Day as well.

The Pakistan-India match is presently the talk of the town.

It was really unfortunate at the end of Pakistan to lose the match against Australia, yesterday. On Sunday the Pakistan team is scheduled to play the biggest challenge in World Cup.

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Mohammad Amir—who had been the star performer in the last night’s match is super confident that his team would get the victory over India. Pakistan has never got the privilege of winning against India in the World Cups.

The star player has subjected the win to mental strength, adding that a positive mindset against Indian could help them in winning the game.

He said that they have to come forward with a positive mindset against India. He added that they have to win every game now and that they will try their best.

While conversing about the match pressure against India, he said that it is the same for all the games of the World Cup.

Pakistan is presently lagging in the bottom half of the table, having only 3 points from 4 games and if the team wants to make it to semi-finals, they would then have to play every match as a challenge.

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  1. All is well in cricket world cup except two vital serios observations ,THE IMPORTED MANAGEMENT,BY IMRAN,and second THE DEAD CAPTAIN,wih No flare,SO dear readers FORGET WORLD CUP

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