Mufti Qavi Home Arrested By Family After Slap Video

Mufti Qavi

The family of Mufti Abdul Qawi, famous for his controversial videos being shared on the internet, snatched his mobile phone, locked him in a room and started treatment.

According to the report on media, the family of Mufti Abdul Qawi expressed their grief and sorrow over the controversial videos based on vulgar words which went viral on the internet recently.

The family withdrew the title of Mufti from Mufti Abdul Qawi and appealed to the people to address him as Abdul Qawi only. The family snatched Mufti Abdul Qawi’s mobile phone and imprisoned him in a room.

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The family said that “Mufti Qawi is being treated mentally and emotionally while the honour of Mufti has also been taken away from him so no one should put Mufti in his name in future”

According to the family, Abdul Qawi’s actions brought disgrace to our whole world and he did a lot of damage to our family’s reputation because of his role.

It should be noted that for the past few days, she has been sharing videos of her meeting with well-known tick talk star Hareem Shah Abdul Qawi, in one of which she had slapped him in the face.

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