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MTI Ordinance Not to Privatize Govt. Hospitals; Assures PM

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Prime Minister—Imran Khan has given assurance on Monday that Medical Teachings Institutions (MTI) Ordinance 2019 would not be privatizing the govt. hospitals.

PM Khan said that MIT Ordinance is a part of public sector hospitals reform plan and in no way would be resulting in the privatization of the government hospitals.

PM Khan on Twitter stressed that the ordinance would lead to improved and modern management of the public sector hospitals in the province of Punjab.

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He said that this not privatization but part of the reform plan for the public sector hospitals. He added that the hospitals would remain government hospitals, managed in a better way for providing better facilities to the patients.

Earlier on Wednesday, the government of Punjab had signed into effect the MTI Ordinance 2019, raising fears of privatization of the government hospitals in the province.

As per the act, the Board of Governors would be operating the government hospitals in Punjab, who would be appointed from the private sector and would be given the authority of supervising the management of hospitals.

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