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Mrs Pakistan—USA 2018 Looking for Acting Opportunities in Lahore

The United States-based Pakistani model—Usma Kashaf has successfully won the title of Mrs Pakistan 2018. She has now returned to the country, looking for good acting opportunities in the film industry and has already made contracts with some of the local film producers.

While conversing with a local newspaper Usma shared her excitement regarding working within the showbiz, and her opinions regarding the current Pakistani film industry and the efforts that the female artists have to put in and the struggle they face.

The aspiring actress informed that she was a part of the category of the married women in the beauty contest and was chosen as the winner from the fifty participating contestants.

Usma further said that it was an international competition and winning the title means a lot for her as she is a mother of three children. She further added that she is astonished to see that she has got no acknowledgement in Pakistan and she believes that it is only because the priorities of the local media are way different. She maintained that in Pakistan nobody is aware of the Pakistani women representing the nation abroad on international platforms and so they do not make the room for creating the required exposure.

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She further added that at the time when Lollywood is having a strong standing, artists and singers are choosing to work in Bollywood. She said that the public is also to be blamed as they follow the international celebrities crazily rather than following the local ones. She said that Pakistanis would exactly recall and remember how Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai won the big titles, but they would have no idea about their own people.

Usma went further on to explain that the voting for the contest has been done by the public from each participant’s respective home country. She stated that it is very unfortunate that our people don’t even know about these events so how could they possibly vote for them.

The rising star is in Lahore presently, she went on to discuss regarding the details of her two upcoming movies. She, however, refrained from providing any details about the projects and informed that she would be starting her career with a Punjabi film.

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