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“Mr. Pakistan” Title Winner Making Rotis at a Tandoor to Earn a Living

Banaras Khan—a man of full potential and capabilities, who won the National and International titles like Mr. Universal USA, Mr. Pakistan and Wapda Pakistan, could be seen making rotis in the provincial capital of Punjab—Lahore every day like any other tandoor wala.

He has even got the title of Mr Pakistan 2018, still his working conditions are the same as before no change in them at all. He has got seven children and needs to earn a proper living for supporting and feeding them. He works from 5am to 4pm to make both ends meet.

While conversing with local media Banaras Khan said that we place our money in preparations. He said thankfully to God he works hard and provides coaching in the gym and makes money from there. He added that we take part in competitions at international levels and make our motherland proud.

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He informed that recently he won the title of Mr Pakistan before that he won the title of Wapda Pakistan and in the year 2014 he was able to win the title of Mr Universal USA.

He added that they manage their own expenses, and do not ask anyone else for help and earns by working hard on own.

Banaras Khan said that when he won the competition in America, there was a lot of media there, even then he received no encouragement or support from the government. He informed that he visited America in 2014 and raised Pakistan’s flag there. He said that if he is provided with the same opportunity again he would do exactly the same.

Banaras Khan is a resident of Bhaati Gate area and also works there, which is a constituency of Hamza Shahbaz Sharif—son of Punjab’s Chief Minister.

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