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MQM’s Haider Abbas Rizvi is Politician cum Uber Driver Now

Haider Abbas Rizvi the ex-deputy parliamentary leader of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has been out of media limelight since he moved to Canada. But now he is back in the public eye but not for political reason. An image is circulating all over internet displaying an Uber profile of Haidar Abbas Rizvi. The image has gone viral all over the internet.  Also, it is reported that Haidar Abbas Rizvi was spotted driving an Uber ride-hailing cab.

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Most people are praising Haider Abbas Rizvi for working hard for a living instead of eating up the money of Pakistani citizens and we too are proud of the MQM leader.

Here is what people are saying on the internet.

“People are doing propaganda on Haider Abbas Rizvi because he’s apparently driving Uber to make ends meet? If true, this cements his credentials as an industrious, non-corrupt politician who served his constituents & takes pride in hard-earned legal income.”

“I would appreciate if Haider Abbas Rizvi earns money through hard working as other people are making joke of him on social media must think that Uber job in other countries is very respectful, so we must support all those who do believe in ” Mehanat”.”

“I’m getting a lot of Whatsapp msgs with Ex MNA of Haider Abbas Rizvi’s Uber profile in Canada. Saw a couple of tweets against him. I’m simply proud of my friend. At least he opted to work and earn rather than loot and spend like many other politicians of .”

“The ones who are supposed to run the country are driving Ubers and the ones who deserve to drive Ubers get to run the country, ironic no?”

“I’m not sure about the authenticity of this picture nor tweeting it grow against Haider Abbas Rizvi. But, alot to say if this is true, although no harm in driving an Uber & earning Halal but there was a time these faces were icons for and now sowing what was reaped!”

We must also inform our readers that Haider Abbas Rizvi arrived in Pakistan yesterday after two years.

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