Mozilla Firefox 104.0: Open source browser to extend battery life

The latest version 104.0 of Mozilla’s open-source browser Firefox is said to extend the battery life of notebook computers by specifically limiting the performance of the graphical user interface (GUI) can increase measurably when the browser is minimized and thus runs in the background. New performance stats are also introduced.

Mozilla Firefox 104.0 is designed to save batteries

On Windows 11 and on systems running macOS and M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, and M1 Ultra, Mozilla Firefox can now also display the power consumption of individual websites and read their CPU and GPU usage.

The Firefox Profiler reads the CPU and GPU usage of websites (Image: Mozilla) The browser itself and its graphical user interface now work with low priority when minimizing, as is already known from inactive tabs, and so should lead to an optimized running performance of notebooks, as unpublished Release Notes that are already available to the editor.

The Firefox profiler can analyze a website’s power consumption.* The Firefox user interface itself is now throttled for performance and battery usage when minimized or closed, in the same way as background tabs. Mozilla

*) only under Windows 11 and macOS with M1 Scroll snap-stop and re-snapping are also integrated into the browser as new features that particularly affect web designers. These CSS properties affect the implementation, definition, and localization of snap points on websites.

Subtitles for Disney+ in picture-in-picture mode

For the first time, Firefox also supports subtitles for the Disney+ streaming service when in picture-in-picture mode (Pip) is played and content played on a media player based on the HTML5 framework Video.js can now handle subtitles.

Drilled PDF Viewer

With the release of Firefox 104.0, the integrated PDF viewer supports writing text as well as signing and signing documents. Add to that the mandatory optimizations and bug fixes that come with each new release. Scrolling back and forth with two fingers still needs to be manually activated via about: config → widget.disable-swipe-tracker → true. Firefox 105.0 would offer this feature by default.