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Movies—Watch Me I Will Watch You

Watching movies in cinema is thrilling and yet to keep things more exciting a company had devised one such technique that would capture and record people’s reactions and assign them numeric values. During a movie how the audience is reacting is barely visible but now via this technique, all the feelings people display will be seen.

Silver-Logic Labs is the company who worked and produced a computer program which would be installed in theatres with a computer vision to capture all the emotions people show during a movie. Any expression is it some tears because of sad scenes or startling jumps because of scary scenes or laughter because of jokes the computer sees it all.

The program is based on Artificial Intelligence where it observes the people watching a movie and senses their feelings. These emotions are later converted into a data which could be studied.

The CEO of the firm, Jerimiah Hamon said that they have taken the emotional reaction people display towards audio or video signals and have assigned numeric values. Once the quantitative data is there it could easily be used to solve equations to determine and interpret questions like how much the movie was appreciated.

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Hamon believes that this is a trustworthy technique that could be used by the companies to gather information that how people behave while watching movies. Right now the software is in initial stages once it is trained it can deliver much quicker, more dependable and deep study of the provided data. This data can help firms towards understanding people and can assist them in devising strategies that in turn would bring more money.

After being given a test trial on different movies the result showed the percentage precision of the software is in between 84-99. Hamon further denied talking in detail about the technique as that might give away the “secret sauce” of the software.

This software could also be used for ploygraph test and could help in calculating the stress levels or whether the person in question is being truthful or lying, according to Hamon.  Other possible use could be in the medicinal field in which the program can estimate patient’s pain and can assist in proper treatment. It can also be used to determine strokes or any such diseases that could be treated if medicinal help is given on time.

Hamon finally said that when I initiated this project everybody told me, ‘You’ll never be able to predict that. Nobody can predict that.’

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