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Movenpick to Open Exclusive Coffee Shops in Pakistan

Movenpick—the manufacturers of the Swiss ice cream, has introduced its coffee brand in Pakistan with the plans of opening exclusive outlets separate from the ice cream parlours.

At the Consulate of Switzerland various kinds of coffee, along with espresso machines for capsules were presented at the ceremony that was held to mark the launch. The launch is done with the aim of developing a market for coffee in Pakistan.

Tahir Ali—Movenpick CEO and Jofa Group—General Manager said that Pakistan is in developing stage as not many people of the country are familiar with the various flavours of coffee. Movenpick would be creating a market for the coffee and would also be assisting in developing the taste for different coffee flavours among people.

While conversing about the plan for exclusive coffee shop Ali said that we would be keeping a check on the demand and would then gradually expand in the market, beginning from ice cream parlours, hotels and restaurants.

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A contract has been signed between the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) and Movenpick for forty-four (44) shop-stops that are under construction and would be selling the newly introduced coffee. These stores, owned and operated by the Pakistan State Oil would be set up in the coming six months’ time.

Movenpick has also signed an agreement with Shell and is in the process of signing a deal even with the Marriot Hotel.

The Movenpick CEO said that if machines which need coffee capsules for making the coffee, were installed in every room of the hotel, the demand for coffee would automatically uplift.

He added that we would be providing machines to the hotels and restaurants as well and have also placed respective orders on the understanding with these hotels.

He informed that there are plans of selling the machines to various restaurants like Gloria Jeans and Aylanto, which are already selling the ice creams of Movenpick.

Chairman Movenpick while talking about the demand for coffee said that Movenpick would be creating a market for the coffee, which was presently non-existent as no other brand has got the same variety of coffee machines.

He informed that we would be using the aroma of the coffee for attracting customers and would be offering free trials to them from the first week of April. It targets to polish the brand more by winter via focusing on the per-day consumption plan, beginning from the ice cream parlour on the 26th Street in Karachi.

Coffee would be imported from Switzerland and Germany. The product range includes capsules in ten variety of flavours, coffee beans, take-home packets, instant coffee, sachets, etc.

The price ranges from Rs 650 to Rs 25,000. The prices of ice creams would be increasing by June in accordance with the depreciation of rupees against the dollar.

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