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Moveable Public Toilet Opens at Lea Market

Moveable Public Toilet

In the mid of the Lea Market, near the Hub Chowki bus stop, cargo containers has been placed having clean toilets, sanitizer and soap dispensers and washbasins. Along with that these toilets are also provided with the diaper-changing tables and ramps thus offering special access to the special citizens at the entrance.

There are a total of 4 toilets, 2 for men and 2 for women. These moveable toilets are a part of the privately-managed public project “Saaf Bath”. This project has been launched by the Salman Sufi Foundation in collaboration with the Sindh government.

The project Saaf Bath has been designed to provide benefits to pedestrians and women and to look after the people of all gender and various abilities.

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Salman Sufi as per reports said that the toilet containers would be maintained on a regular basis via the coordination officers of the foundation and an independent waste management and sanitation offering agency.

He also informed that, there is the availability of boring water in the Lea Market area as well.

He further shared that the second phase of the project would be implemented in Punjab province.

Mr. Sufi said that women are the most affected ones when it comes to using public toilets as there is a clear lack of such facilities for them. He indicated that even in the mosques there are toilets and washing facilities for men but women do not have that.

A sanitation worker-Junaid Jamil said that he would have a toilet, that is used just once, cleaned before its available for use again by the next person.

He also informed that Rs.20 would be charged for using the moveable toilet facility.

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