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Motorway Police Crackdown Operation Against Illegal Number Plates

The Motorway Police has started a crackdown operation against the fancy number plates and tinted window glasses on the M9 Motorway. The M9 Motorway connects the city of Karachi with Hyderabad. The Sindh police have apparently failed to stop the violators from using illegal number plates and tinted glasses.

Naeem Siddiqui—the Motorway Police spokesperson said that the action began from Sunday. He informed that the police have removed illegal number plates from more than five hundred automobiles and tinted glasses from two hundred and twenty-five vehicles. These automobile drivers were also fined with charges for the violations.

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Before the action was started against such vehicles, for three consecutive days earlier the Motorway Police gave advertisement in the print and electronic media about the approaching action.

He said that the drivers of the law-breaking vehicles were personally briefed by the traffic police staff in this matter.

Karamullah Soomro—Motorway Police sector III SSP and Dr Syed Kaleem Imam—Inspector General of the National Highways and Motorway Police has given the instruction that the automobiles with illegal number plates and tinted window glasses would not be permitted on the motorway.

He said that the action would be continuing on a daily basis.

Similar kind of operational campaigns have been launched earlier throughout the country and the traffic police has been involved in charging fines and removing fancy number plates since the installation of safe city cameras in the various cities of the country.

Earlier the Peshawar Police started a campaign against the rickshaws displaying vulgar, or drugs and guns promoting content printed across them. These rickshaws were being stopped at different points and the drivers were asked to remove the objectionable content. It was a ten-day campaign.

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