Motorists in Islamabad can Measure Fuel at Pumps Now

Islamabad motorists can check the measurement of the fuel dispensers at any petrol pump in the city, under the new initiative of the city.

According to the details, Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqat stated we are providing this service under ‘Quantity on Spot Check’ initiative. “This project will remove the people’s concerns about incorrect measures at petrol stations,” he said.

The DC further stated that this initiative would build confidence between fuel stations and vehicle owners.

Shafqat stated,  “It will also keep a check on short measuring by some fuel stations.”

He also said that the government will continue to introduce customer-centric initiatives. “Initially the facility will be available at Shell pumps, he told media. He added authorities will increase its scope to other stations to provide maximum relief to masses.

The commissioner further stated that the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) quality-checking teams are regularly conducting raids.

He said, “The teams are sealing the pumps with less measurement on the spot.”

He said, “Now 1.1million car owners in the capital will not have to come to Excise office to submit token tax, registration and transfer fee.”

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