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Motorcycle Production Increased by 15.44% in FY 2017-18

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The motorcycle production has increased during the span of first eleven months of the current financial year 2017-2018. The surge is by 15.44 per cent against the corresponding period of last fiscal year, as per the reports of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

During July-May 2017-18 as many as twenty-six lac, fifty thousand two hundred and thirty-three (2,650,233) bikes were manufactured against the yield of twenty-two lac ninety-five thousand eight hundred and forty-six (2,295,846) during July-May 2016-17, indicating a clear increase of 15.44 per cent, as revealed by the latest PBS production data.

The manufacturing of cars and jeeps has also experienced an increase of 20.10 per cent during the same period of July-May 2017-18, in which the car and jeeps production was two lac fourteen thousand nine hundred and four (214,904) against the production of one lac seventy-eight thousand nine hundred and forty-four units (178,944) in same period of 2016-17.

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The manufacturing of light commercial vehicles (LCVs) has also witnessed a surge of 18.54 per cent during the span of July-May 2017-18, increasing from twenty-two thousand nine hundred and twenty-seven (22,927) to twenty-seven thousand one hundred and seventy-eight (27,178) units.

There was a decrease noted in the production of buses during the period under review by 31.54 per cent. In 2016-17 in total, one thousand and forty-three (1,043) units were produced, but in 2017-18 only seven hundred and fourteen (714) units were manufactured.

On a year to year basis, the production of motorbikes has increased by 14.57 per cent.

The tractors production also saw an increased growth of 19.56 per cent by increasing from five thousand seven hundred and forty-six (5,746) units in May 2017 to six thousand eight hundred and seventy (6,870) units in May 2018.

It is important to mention that the overall “Large Scale Manufacturing Industries” (LSMI) of the nation has seen the growth of six per cent during the first eleven months of the present financial year against the corresponding period of last year.

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