Most users are unaware of some features in Threads

Threads app

As compared to X, Threads has a limited number of features. However, new features are continuously making their way to the platform to gain its 100 million user base back. Recently, Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, unveiled some features of Threads that might be unknown to several users.

When Threads launched, the social media platform had only a few features. It even lacked the basic features that let its user base drop off quickly. The company is trying its best to introduce useful features to Threads.

Other features of Threads

Given the fact that Threads has a limited number of features, the arrival of new features is news in its own regard. However, there are certain features that remain hidden and do not get the due attention. Well, this is certainly not good since new features keep users stuck on the site.

According to Mosseri, there are several features that are available on either the mobile or web version of the app or on both versions. The web version of Threads allows pasting media directly into posts. On the mobile version of the app, users can immediately follow a bunch of users who interact with a post. All you have to do is press your finger down on a post to get a list of the users who are interacting with it. You can also select which users to follow at your discretion.

Another feature is for users who love to tag other accounts. Notably, users can tag Threads accounts as well as Instagram accounts. This is advantageous if the account posts a lot more content to Instagram than it does to Threads. Furthermore, if that individual hasn’t registered for Threads yet, it would be useful. As Threads continues to expand and evolve, further features should not come as a surprise in the near future.

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