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Journalism is a rapidly growing profession in Pakistan. There was a time when people used to wait a whole day to read news on newspapers. But today we live in a fast-moving society. Our attention span has reduced as more and more information dissemination mediums have been introduced. The transition of people from newspaper reading to television to the internet is undeniable.

Now the majority of the people prefer reading about news, events, and happenings through the internet. But as there are so many competitors around, how to know that which topics are most read and viewed by people?

Articles about Holidays:

Students studying tirelessly and employers working diligently just have one thing to look forward to and that is holidays. As people in Pakistan realize that a holiday is coming soon like 14th August or Eid holiday, they will most likely Google to confirm. So it is important that you have already written an article on an upcoming holiday for the readers.

Articles about job openings:

Dropping CVs to offices is an old process, now most people Google for any job openings. So it is important that you write articles for job seekers and tell them where they can apply.

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Articles about University/ Colleges admissions

It happens that most of the time students search for university and colleges admission openings, they read which university is offering which course and then decide where they have to apply. So write an article on the topics that can be informative for students.

Articles about Vehicles:

It has been a personal experience that people love reading about new cars, upcoming models in Pakistan, price ranges etc. In comparison to new smartphones and other brands, articles about cars and their features appeal the readers.

Articles about offers and discounts:

People love to Google about any discount offers available on anything from ride-hailing apps to clothing brands, restaurants, flights, etc. Make sure if any brand is offering any discount, or there is any sale going around, you have written an article on it.

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Articles that can shock the audience:

Weird, shocking and surprising news has its own charm. If people read a topic that is out of ordinary, anything strange, they will automatically want to know more about it. So look out for such news.

Articles on Topics Talked about on Social Media:

Social Media is now a primary source of information. If people come across a news, a debate or any promotion on social media, they will definitely Google it to find more about it. So all article writers should keep an eye on hot topics going on, on Social Media.

A little tip for Article Writers

Your topic is extremely important. Any reader will click on your article only if your topic is worth it.

Your content is extremely important. Any reader will stick to your site and continue reading your articles, only if your content is worth it.

So basically, there are no shortcuts. Be creative, but honest. Provide information but make it interesting.

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