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Most Popular Keywords Searched on Google in Pakistan

How to find which keywords are searched most in Pakistan?

Google trends: This is a site that tells us which keywords are most popular globally. Last year Google trends revealed that most searched topics in Pakistan in 2016 were Cricket Score, PSL schedule 2016, PTV Sports Live, Euro 2016, and Pak vs Eng. Trending People in Pakistan were Qandeel Baloch, Amjad Sabri, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Donald Trump, and Momina Mustehsan.

Top keywords searched in Pakistan in 2017, till now are

  • Pakistan
  • Cricket Pakistan
  • Pakistan Cricket Team
  • India
  • Pakistan India
  • News Pakistan
  • Pakistan Jobs

Google AutoComplete: When a user starts typing into google, it starts showing searches related to what the user types. It predicts the search by itself. In short if on Google Pakistan, a user writes a letter ‘A’, the first search that Google autocompletes is ‘Amazon’. This means from letter A, Amazon is the most searched topic in Pakistan.

From ‘P’, ‘Pakistan’ is the most searched topic on Google in Pakistan. Facebook from F, BBC from B, CPEC from C, and so on, and so forth.

Keywords play a pivotal role in improving the search ranking of your site, article, or any content on Google. If a user places an appropriate keyword in its content, Google will automatically place it on its first page.

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Adding difficult words, on your website or topic will reduce your Google ranking. People normally search using simple easy, day to day used words if your topic has easier, simpler, and relatable keywords, chances are that your Google ranking will improve.