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Most Popular Facebook Pages in Pakistan

Atif Aslam

  1. Industry: Media, Singer
  2. Likes: 20,110,311
  3. Followers: 18,816,110
  4. Mission of Atif Aslam: To entertain people through music

In Pakistan Atif Aslam Facebook page is the most liked and followed page.

PTV Sports

  1. Industry: Media Channel, Sports
  2. Likes: 16,254,908
  3. Followers: 16,124,922
  4. Mission of PTV Sports: “PTV Sports aims to provide readers the latest Pakistan & International sports news including Cricket, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Squash, Boxing. Snooker.”
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ARY News

  1. Industry: Media Channel
  2. Likes: 14,433,446
  3. Followers: 14,237,243
  4. Mission of ARY News: “ARY News is a Pakistani news channel committed to bring you up-to-the minute news & featured stories from around Pakistan & all over the world. A dynamic news channel in Urdu, It is a part of the ARY Digital Network, which is a subsidiary of ARY Group.”

Express News

  1. Industry: Media Channel
  2. Likes: 13,578,050
  3. Followers: 13,410,573
  4. Mission of Express News: The aim is to bring latest breaking news, show “must-see videos and exclusive interviews from the #1 news network in Pakistan.”

Samaa TV

  1. Industry: Media Channel
  2. Likes: 9,887,971
  3. Followers: 9,752,773
  4. Mission of Samaa TV: “SAMAA is Pakistan’s premier Urdu ”News & current affairs” channel with a philosophy of bringing unbiased and factual information and analysis round the clock.”


  1. Industry: Urdu Community, Literature
  2. Likes: 8,402,524
  3. Followers: 8,199,228
  4. Mission of UrduPoint.com: “UrduPoint.com is the largest Urdu web site in the world, containing 14 interactive sections in Urdu. Latest news, poetry, literature, technology, SMS Messages, horoscope, sports, health, Islam and more.”

Waqt News

  1. Industry: Media Channel
  2. Likes: 8,248,053
  3. Followers: 8,100,664
  4. Mission of Waqt News: “Waqt started its journey in December 2008 and has steadily gained a following of well educated, opinion makers. We are a nationalistic, pro-Pakistan channel.’

Pakistan Defence

  1. Industry: Media Company
  2. Likes: 8,187,925
  3. Followers: 8,121,687
  4. Mission of Pakistan Defence: “Our goal is to highlight the advances made in the Pakistani defence arena and at the same time promote the Pakistani perspective at a global level.”

Dunya News

  1. Industry: Media Channel
  2. Likes: 8,130,823
  3. Followers: 8,034,474
  4. Mission of Dunya News: “To provide timely and accurate information using latest technology”

Imran Khan

  1. Industry: Politics
  2. Likes: 8,015,263
  3. Followers: 7,873,660
  4. Mission of Imran Khan: To bring change in Pakistan

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