Most Google AR initiatives are dealing with some significant difficulties

AR is the next big revolution in the tech industry. In order to keep pace with things, several companies are already working on AR. The same is true with Google. In the past, we learned that Google is working on Project Iris AR glasses and mixed reality headsets. However, the company is facing some challenges with its AR projects.

As we already know the mixed reality headset is going to be a collaborated product. It will be a partnership product including three different companies i.e., Google, Samsung, and Qualcomm. Google will deal with the software features, Samsung will deal the matters related to design and product specifications whereas Qualcomm will work on its processor.

Several analysts refer to this partnership as the best for the upcoming mixed-reality headset. Despite the possibility that this is the case, it appears like Google is losing control of the undertaking. On the other hand, Samsung is taking charge of the project and making the key decisions.

With the upcoming Google AR product, Samsung could reduce Google’s market share

According to the report shared by SBS Biz, Samsung is taking more control of the mixed reality headset. It is dictating the specifications and features of the forthcoming product. Some reports even suggest that Samsung is creating problems in the production process that will eventually impact the product launch.

Besides this, some employees of Google assert that the product is immature. On the other hand, Samsung seems to be prepared with the hardware of the mixed reality headset and Google still requires more time to work on the software. In addition to this, some major changes were observed at Google’s AR department. New project leaders were assigned that might alter the pathway for carrying out several tasks.

It is evident that both Google and Samsung are trying to compete with the Vision Pro headset by Apple. Apple is all set to launch its headset. In contrast to Google, Apple appears to be more disciplined and organized concerning the development of its AR product. Despite these problems, the tech giant Google is not giving up on things.